GiliSoft File Lock Pro

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 12.0

Encrypt and hide files and folders
Conceals sensitive files or folders and locks them with a password or securely deletes them, making sure that they can no longer be recovered. Works with internal hard disks as well as external storage devices.

File protection is more of a necessity than a luxury nowadays. Data theft, both locally and remotely, is sadly becoming common practice. GiliSoft File Lock Pro offers you an easy-to-implement and use solution that can hide and protect files, folders, disks, and drives, both in local and external drives, with a unique high-security password.

All you need to think of is a password. And only once, as you can use the same password for all protection, hiding, and locking operations. The program offers differentiated routines for local and external disks, and that’s the only precaution you need to take when selecting the items to protect. Unlocking any of your locked items is just as simple – just key in your unique password and the file, folder, or disk will become usable again.

GiliSoft File Lock Pro comes a set of extra utilities designed to enhance its already high level of protection. You can monitor a folder of your choice and be notified every time something changes in it. The program’s File Shredder will allow you to delete any file or folder for good, making it impossible for any unwelcomed guest to recover your discarded data. Its new extension, Disk Wiper, will let you remove permanently all data from an entire disk. If you want to add an extra level of protection to your locked or hidden files or folders, you can encrypt them using the AES algorithm and save them as a GFL file or an executable EXE file that you can open in any computer.

The program comes with a Self-protection Mode that prevents others from uninstalling the program without your consent. Besides, if someone attempts for five times to log in with a wrong password, you’ll be notified at your e-mail address and the login dialog will be disabled for a short period of time.

From local files and folders to LAN shared folders, GiliSoft File Lock Pro offers you the highest level of protection for all your sensitive and private data. You can check it on your own by downloading and running the program, which has no limitations other than the set password you’ll be asked to use.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Locks folders shared in a network
  • Protects files, folders, and entire drives
  • Can monitor a folder or a disk for changes
  • Offers a password-protected uninstall process
  • Hides any file or folder from view


  • The trial version may refuse to lock certain types of files
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