GiliSoft File Lock Pro

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 9.0

It is a tool to hide, lock or encrypt files, folders and drives
3.9  (16 votes)

GiliSoft File Lock Pro makes it easy to protect your confidential data. This handy application offers a convenient method of hiding or locking both files and entire folders.
A remarkable benefit offered by this tool is the fact that it can not only lock and encrypt files, but also hide them altogether. Since a hidden file cannot even be noticed and raise any suspicion, it can sometimes be safer than a file that’s just locked or encrypted, but left in plain sight. GiliSoft File Lock Pro can deal not only with separate files, but also with entire directories and drives.

Another thing I like about this handy program is the fact that it allows assigning passwords that lock not only files and folders, but also the complete access to the program itself. Only the users that assigned the initial password will be able to open the application and choose which files and folders are hidden/shown, locked/unlocked, or encrypted/decrypted.

When it comes to additional functions, the most noticeable fact is that it can set different levels of restrictions to files, allowing the users to deny the read access or the write access to files, folders, and drives, which means that it protect data against complete access or only against being modified, deleted, or renamed.

Last but not least, GiliSoft File Lock Pro is also easy to use. Its neat and straightforward interface can be used even by complete beginners without any trouble.

To sum it all up, if you ever need to hide sensitive data from prying eyes or lock the access to that data, then you may rely on GiliSoft File Lock Pro to help you get this job done.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Can hide, lock or encrypt files.
  • The app can be password-protected.
  • Can protect entire drives as well


  • The interface cannot be customized.
  • The interface cannot be resized.
  • A bit pricey.
  • The "help" file is available only online
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