GiliSoft File Lock Pro

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 8.0

Versatile protection utility to encrypt and hide files, folders, and drives
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GiliSoft File Lock Pro encrypts and hides any of your files, folders, and even entire drives in an efficient and simple way. To ensure that all your data is safe and shared with others in a trustworthy environment, the program uses 256-bit AES encryption algorithms and creates password-protected self-decrypting EXE containers that can be opened easily on any PC.

File Lock Pro provides various levels of encryption and data protection. Thus, it can either lock the selected files and folders and protect them with a password of your choice or hide them from sight, so that no one will ever know they are there (also known as “Stealth Mode”). Either way, the program itself requires you to add a password to it to avoid unauthorized users from opening it and unlocking your sensitive data. For further protection, File Lock Pro will ask you to re-enter this password after a certain period of inactivity, to avoid unwanted access to your files and folders while you’re away from your computer.

Locked files and folders remain visible for all users, but cannot be opened or read without entering the right password. This is also valid for entire drives, which can be blocked just as easily. This level of protection is what the program calls “Deny Read”. You can also “Deny Write”, which means that files and folders can be opened but not edited, renamed, deleted, or modified in any way without the corresponding key.

Folders can be monitored using File Lock Pro – the program will keep you informed about any changes taking place in that folder and in any of its subfolders (i.e., modified, renamed, and deleted files).

Its attractive and intuitive interface makes this tool a simple and useful addition to anyone’s desktop. All the options provided are easily reachable through its tabbed interface, though the program also adds direct access points to most of its functionality to the Windows contextual menu.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Creates encrypted EXE containers for easy distribution of sensitive files.
  • Uses 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Password-protected interface


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