GiliSoft File Lock Pro

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 4.3

GiliSoft File Lock Pro encrypts and protects your important and private data
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GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a very powerful security tool to protect your important and private data from unwanted hands. The program comes with a very user friendly interface that lets you protect any file or folder with a password in a few seconds. It can also integrate itself into Windows' right-click menu, enabling you to lock any file just by right-clicking on it and choosing one of the locking methods supported by the program while browsing your computer. The best thing about File Lock Pro is that it can hide any file, lock it while keeping it visible, or make it a read-only only, which allows you to share your files freely while keeping its internal data safe from any unwanted changes.

The program also allows you to hide or lock folders - and even hard disk drives on your PC - or just make them write-protected. I have used many other file and folder security tools, but this program is unique in its capability to write-protect a file while keeping it visible and viewable, be it plain text, an image, or any other kind of file. The cool thing is that a file locked using File Lock Pro cannot be opened on any other computer without the password used to protect it. However, the feature that allows you to encrypt a file or a folder and transform it into an EXE file will let you to unlock a locked file on any PC, even if this program is not installed on it.

Shortly, the program is a wonderful file security tool for both home and office use. The developer has simplified its user interface and operation in an amazing way.

jasminder singh
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