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GiliSoft File Lock Pro 10.0

Comprehensive tool that provides a straightforward way of protecting your data
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Encrypting and locking your files, folders, and disks will not only protect your data from unwanted prying eyes, but also from unnoticed malware and spyware programs that love stealing your most sensitive information. GiliSoft File Lock Pro can encrypt and password-protect or simply just hide from view your confidential data and whatever documents you believe nobody else should have access to.

First thing you need to do is set a secure password for your files, folders, and disks. To help you remember that password in case you forget it, the program will let you add an e-mail address where your details can be sent in case of accidental loss. Once you are all set up, you can start protecting your data using File Lock Pro. The program provides various protection levels – from a simple change of attributes in order to hide a specific file, folder, or disk to the most sophisticated encryption and locking algorithms. In between those two we also have read, rename, move, delete, modify, or write protection mechanisms.

All of these changes are applied with the click of a button, and removing any level of protection is just as simple. It gets even simpler with the “Encrypt to *.exe” option. It not only encrypts your folder but turns it into an executable file that you can carry with you everywhere. You can open this file in any other PC, even if it doesn’t have File Lock Pro installed. Extremely simple, yet safe. Most of these actions can also be performed outside the program’s interface by using the context menu. Thus, you can hide or completely lock any file or folder at any time just by right-clicking on it and selecting the desired option from the GiliSoft File Lock Pro context menu.

As expected, there are some extra tools that you may find helpful. You can delete folders with a click and beyond recovery. This safe-delete option – known in other tools as a “file shredder” – makes sure that no trace of the deleted folder is left behind. You can also monitor folders, and be alerted by the program as soon as some change is applied to the folder or to any of its files. Finally, an extremely crucial step to ensure that your data is safe – protect File Lock Pro from unwanted visitors. The program’s safe-protection settings will let you know – via a program’s notification – if someone has tried to open one of your protected items unsuccessfully more than five times. It will prevent the program from being uninstalled without a password, and it can even hide from view and work on stealth mode so that nobody knows what is keeping them from stealing your information.

You will hardly find a simpler yet more efficient utility to protect your data. The trial version will just let you have a quick glance of what the program is capable of – you can only hide or encrypt files and even those one at a time – but it is more than enough to show you how powerful its encryption and hiding methods can be. All in all, GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a serious option to take into account.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Easy and straightforward functionality.
  • Can be used from the context menu.
  • Provides various ways of protecting your folders.
  • Monitors folders and directories


  • The trial version encrypts and hides only files and only one at a time
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